Released 2019-10-22
Major performance increases (roughly 8 x faster for most operations) on networked versions. This is achieved by 'caching' or storing more data on the client machine in order to reduce calls across the network. The new benchmarking tool (on the utility menu) makes it easier to diagnose performance bottlenecks.

This release also fixes a number of bugs which arose after the client-server implementation.
0000066: [Features] User should be able to load script which has semaphore lock for him/herself (richp10)
0000067: [Bugs] Remove locks only removes my own locks (richp10)
0000068: [Bugs] Batch print run not correctly selecting workers scripts (fixed in build 174) (richp10)
0000064: [Bugs] Repair tables progress meters not smooth (richp10)
0000063: [Bugs] Print script screen the Ok and Cancel buttons do not have consistent behaviour (richp10)
0000061: [Bugs] Sometimes preview throws error (richp10)
0000048: [Bugs] Bug reporter not sending back reports (richp10)
0000060: [Bugs] New script from template not setting up Instructions defined by the template (richp10)
0000059: [Features] Move lookup tables to memory tables for big performance gains (richp10)
0000058: [Bugs] Refresh scripts very slow (richp10)
0000057: [Bugs] Report Builder not offering data tab (richp10)
0000056: [Features] Warning not given when print single script put prescription on hold (richp10)
0000007: [Bugs] Cannot save reports (richp10)
0000053: [Features] Tune memory manager using benchmark (richp10)
0000052: [Features] Repair tables under client server not correctly failing when data tables are readonly (richp10)
0000051: [Bugs] Performance problems with Client Server mode (richp10)
0000050: [Features] Improve server logging (richp10)
0000049: [Features] Add performance benchmarking routines (richp10)
0000045: [Bugs] Fix Sanity check errors (richp10)
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Released 2018-08-13
Major upgrade to some of the underlying technology used in ScriptBase. Mainly this is the database engine so affects both the standalone and client server mode.

The Data Server used in the client server has further improvements. The installer installs windows menu items to correctly set this up as a windows service, using the Administrator user account.
0000047: [Bugs] Print Single Script button on edit script not working properly (richp10)
0000041: [Bugs] ScriptBase Data Server defaulting to saving logs in own directory - permission issues (richp10)
0000044: [Features] Upgrade database engine (richp10)
0000046: [Features] ScriptBase Data Server installer should provide menu options to install, start, stop and remove the service (richp10)
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Released 2018-03-05
Mostly bug fixes and improved error handling around configuring / re-configuring database settings.

Also fixed issue to allow more than one copy of scriptbase to run at the same time - as long as they point to different databases.
0000042: [Bugs] Error handling is poor if localsettings.ini has permission problems (richp10)
0000040: [Bugs] Datapath not always camel case (richp10)
0000039: [Features] localsettings.ini having both CS and standalone settings is confusing.. (richp10)
0000038: [Features] Installer needs to run ScriptBase so first time is in Admin mode (richp10)
0000037: [Features] Confusing wording on Purchase screen (richp10)
0000002: [Bugs] Trying to extend trial twice puts license date backwards. (richp10)
0000036: [Bugs] Registration code fails if has whitespace on the end (richp10)
0000031: [Bugs] Client Server settings not consistent in handling encryption settings (richp10)
0000030: [Bugs] If sbase_server is not run as admin it cannot create logs as these default to exe location (richp10)
0000006: [Features] Prevent deletion of database in Client Server mode (richp10)
0000032: [Bugs] Running in Client Server Mode with invalid network location produces unhandled exception (richp10)
0000035: [Bugs] Running Client/Server on same IP as server no longer working. (richp10)
0000033: [Bugs] Cannot run two instances of ScriptBase because of an EsocketError 10048 (richp10)
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Released 2018-02-09
This is a substantial upgrade which includes an entirely new option for installing and running ScriptBase, along with other important improvements and bug fixes. This will be branded as "ScriptBase 5" when the website is replaced.
0000029: [Features] Add build number and date to Help | About (richp10)
0000028: [Bugs] Various errors when opening new and saving client records in client list (richp10)
0000027: [Bugs] Client form briefly shows wrong client name (richp10)
0000026: [Bugs] Crash when previewing prescriptions (richp10)
0000025: [Bugs] Floating point error when editing doses (richp10)
0000024: [Prescriptions] Dispense form is needed for dose unit drugs (richp10)
0000023: [Features] Compatibility issues with Windows 10 (richp10)
0000022: [Bugs] Repair tables and database errors sometimes left system in instable state. (richp10)
0000021: [Features] Log warnings and errors to the Windows Event Log (richp10)
0000020: [Features] In client list, warn if user changes a clients name or date of birth (richp10)
0000019: [Features] Add security feature to wipe windows memory buffers when exiting Scriptbase (richp10)
0000018: [Features] Configure location for Log file (richp10)
0000017: [Features] Replace bug reporting mechanism so no longer uses email (richp10)
0000016: [Features] Upgrade all third party libraries (richp10)
0000015: [Features] Increase maximum RAM usage (richp10)
0000014: [Features] Improve performance by configuring database buffers (richp10)
0000013: [Features] Allow /REPAIRSILENT to run without loading any user interface (richp10)
0000012: [Features] Allow NDTMS modules to be hidden if not used. (richp10)
0000011: [Bugs] Settings do not work properly under Citrix or other remoting systems (richp10)
0000010: [Features] Improve editing of doses as ScriptBase was auto-correcting too aggresively. (richp10)
0000009: [Bugs] Refresh cached client list when user clicks to new script button - so any changes from another workstation will show. (richp10)
0000008: [Features] Client-Server Mode (richp10)
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